DFW CRX meet 2012

I had the opportunity this weekend to attend a local get together for fellow CRX owners in the DFW area. This was the first meet I have ever attended and honestly I did not know what to expect.
I know almost everyone has driven down the road or stopped at a traffic light and seen what many call a “ricer” someone who is sporting large amounts of aftermarket body enhancements as well as the notoriously large spoiler, which is usually blocking the drivers rear view, and not to mention overtly large coffee can muffler which makes the car sound like its going fast but in actuality is not! These things are what I call “all show and no go” This meet was a complete opposite of that, these were actually the vehicles that every “ricer” wishes they could own because they are the genuine article.
Now if any of you know me and who I am you are thinking “Why James do you drive a 1990 Honda CRX? its small, and only has 2 seats and…its OLD!”  Well the answer is quite simple, it gets 45-50 miles to the gallon, its paid for, and is very reliable. There was allot that went into these little cars and the workmanship that Honda Motors produced in the 1990s catapulted them into one of the most reliable auto makers in the world. Not to mention these cars were for the most part built in America. The quality workmanship was proven  last year by a man named of Joe LoCicero who drove his 1990 Honda Accord a documented one million miles.

I had a great time talking with all the fellow CRX enthusiast, and learned a few new things about maintenance and repairs of my CRX. I also realized how rare my CRX is when it comes to body and overall “stock” appearance. As you can see in the photo a good majority of CRXs have been modified or as many of the owners have commented “riced out.”
I was totally unaware that they were going to give out an award for the most original CRX that showed up and to my shock I was awarded best in show because mine was “stock.” The judges said that mine looked to be the most original because it was untouched even though it had 3xs as much mileage on it than most of the others. I was honored to receive this award and honestly felt that there were other owners that deserved it more than me. The award was a generous gift card to a local gas station where the judges suggested that I could use it to fill up my gas tank (which only cost at current fuel prices $20)
Another shock to me was that I was the oldest person there. Im almost 31 and the closest to me was 27. Its quite humbling to be thought of as the “old man” in a group full of Crx owners who know probably 4 times as much about Hondas than I do. Matter of fact I think a few there were younger than the cars they brought 🙂
Here are a few more pics from the event….
By the way, the white one is mine!


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