Classic Malbec

Classic Malbec? Maybe you are asking yourself, “What is that?” I know I certainly said that when I was browsing for wine the other day. The wine label was very odd and I noticed later online that many of the well-established producers in Mendoza have a “Classic line” of wines along with their “Reserva” and other higher quality selections. However here in the USA you might not see a “Classic” Label anywhere most the Malbec for sale are “Reserva”
So does this mean that Classic is lower quality than Reserva?
matter of fact, I did some research into the labeling and discovered that many Bodegas in Argentina refer to the classic label as a wine that reflect the Bodegas and winemakers style not so much terrior. Sometimes the wines (particularly the reds) will have little to no oak. Most of the time this is what you would call the “House wine” however as I have been told from several friends that have visited South American Wineries, do not be fooled by the name “house wine”
This Alta Vista Classic Malbec was no exception, a complete different Malbec experience than what  I am used to! I was shocked to actually taste a somewhat mocha/coffee presence as well as some red and dark berry action in this wine. Tannins were very soft and the finish very supple. The whole wine was balanced and honestly I could have paired it with almost anything and it would have worked.  That night this wine paired well with my Birthday cake!

One thing I wanted to point out is that this wine was only $9.00 and was totally a unique experience compared to the mass marketed Malbecs out there. A true steal of a wine in my opinion.

This Producer is a very well know and well established winery in Alta Vista, Mendoza, Argentina. And I have tried several wines from them at all price ranges. The Classic Label Torrontes is one of my Favorite white wines right now. If you See Alta Vista on the shelf no matter what it is, I can almost promise you it is worth buying a bottle to taste. Their higher end Corte A, Corte B and Corte C are mostly “kitchen sink blends” that for the price points will blow you away. Since the boom of South American wines here in the US, I feel that these guys kind of took a back seat into the US market however I feel from what I have tasted of their wines, they definitively reflect what made wine from Argentina great!


2 thoughts on “Classic Malbec

  1. a couple other great Malbec from Argentina I found to be quite a good buy are: Martino Old Vine Malbec, and Terrazas Altos Del Plata Malbec. There were greatly priced, and just really quite delicious. After having some other wine like Granach, Syrah, and Malbec from Argentina, it’s hard not to just totally fall in love with!

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