What is this thing all about???


My name is James Freeman and I am in my early 30s. While my passion is for wine and wine related things, I also am a Husband, Father, amateur photographer, closet workaholic, amateur mechanic, automotive enthusiast, dog lover, Coffee drinker, foodie and sometimes a very opinionated person.

I speak my mind much of the time and am not afraid to tell you what I feel. I sometimes jump to conclusions and yes it is a major character flaw of mine, but one thing is for certain, if I know I am wrong or I am proven wrong, I am the first person to apologize and change. I am always a work in progress and strive to keep my ego in check on a daily basis. 🙂

While the name “Straight shooter wines” gives off the appearance that I am only writing about wine and wine related things, this blog is allot more than that.

I am on the road 300+ days out of the year. I travel throughout the state of Texas seeing so many interesting things. I am attempting to catalog many of the adventures, friends, good wine and humor that I encounter on a daily basis. My wine knowledge is self-taught and I do not claim to know everything there is to know about wine. I have a newly found passion for wine that I have been cultivating for only a few short years. I have tasted many wines from all over the world and wines from very unique regions. I one day hope to transition myself into the the wine industry and out of my stressful “day job.”

I try to live up to my last name “Freeman” and tend to separate myself from the mainstream things in life mainly because thats just how I am. I just do things different than most because I want to carve my own path in my life rather than follow a cookie cutter way that so many others have followed. I tend to tell myself “I am my own person” Maybe some of you reading might understand what I mean by that statement, but one thing I can promise you, What you will read posted here will be different!


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