Stay out or be shot!

Today’s sign comes from Overton, Tx

I remember the stats back in the 1990s were that the average Texan owned 3 guns. I am pretty sure that since that was 20 years ago that number has greatly increased.
I also know that there is a group of Texans that do not own any guns so the amount of fire power that the average armed Texan possesses is probably higher than 4 guns!

This sign actually bothers me somewhat and is why I am bringing this up.
Yes, it appears that this person has issues with trespassers on his property but to clearly state “stay out or be shot” I find threatening, I will explain…
Im not a lawyer in any way but I do know that here is Texas if it is daylight hours and someone is on your land without your permission you do not have the right to shoot them. Now if its dark those laws change. Yes the offenders might be doing something illegal by trespassing on your property but in example, and my own personal situation, what if they are with your insurance company for a building or barn that you just insured. When you sign the policy you most of the time give that insurance company the right to inspect that building during daylight hours (sometimes without your knowledge) And if you shoot someone without asking questions that is assault!
Ive had this happen before, One time I was on someones property where a new home was being built. The insurance company requested that I verify the new home had completed construction and that it was occupied. After I did the job I was requested to do, and was about to leave the property, I  was almost rear-ended by a large van speeding down this very narrow dirt driveway. The driver got out of the van waiving his chrome .357 magnum  and demanded to know what I was doing. He drilled and yelled waiving his pistol at me demanding to know why I was on the property. I showed this crazy person proof of who I was and what I was doing on the property, thankfully he holstered his gun and the apologies started to flood out. He stated that there has been issues with people stealing and vandalizing the property and thats why I was met with such force. (By the way, thats something you do not want to tell an insurance company)
In actuality, this armed man was the trespasser and I was the victim.
As I mentioned the man was very apologetic, but how can you apologize to someone after waiving a huge pistol in front of you shouting threats?
Later on I found out that the person who drew the gun on me was a local sheriff deputy who knew the laws and violated them anyway!  I also discovered that the property belonged to this deputies ex-wife, he did not have permission to be on the property per the divorce decree and specially armed!
**Just a side note: anyone who has gone through concealed carry classes or TECLEOSE certification knows that when an officer draws his gun it is in the intent to kill. There is none of this “shoot to injure stuff.”**

This is one of the reasons why I have issues trusting small town/county law enforcement.
Many times, as in this case, I have seen them use the law and their position for their own agenda not to mention violating those laws for their own personal situations.
It seems that East Texas is a hot spot for this kind of activity as every year some small town police officer or Sheriff gets in trouble for using their position of law enforcement as their own personal gain.
Ok, so now Im getting off my soap box but I had to share this story that still bothers me to this day.
So if you are in Overton, Tx “Stay out! Or be shot!” and even if you have the right to be there, the locals might cover up what actually happened!”
As I always say, “Only in Texas”